Scalp Micropigmentation – What is it and do you need it?

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the fastest and easiest solutions for hair loss and baldness. It is a simple solution to more severe forms of hair loss with a high success rate and customer satisfaction.
While it is normal to see about 50–100 hairs lying around the house, it is devastating to see patches of hair falling off your head. Statistically, about 40 percent of men aged 35 and above suffer from hair loss. The percentage touches 70 as they near the 80-year mark. For women, by the age of 60, the percentage of hair loss is about 80. These statistics are downright depressing.
There are various medications and remedies that treat hair loss and restore follicles. But these treatments work gradually and the results are visible over a long period of time. By then, the vicious cycle of hair loss will continue on. The best solution for any kind of hair loss is scalp micropigmentation. But many are unaware of this solution and thus do not use it for treating their hair problems.
Let’s take a brief look at what scalp micropigmentation is and how it treats hair loss.
What is scalp micropigmentation?
Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive procedure that involves inking the scalp with pigment to make it look thicker. The thickness is achieved by mimicking the appearance of hair follicles. Microneedles are used to deposit the ink into the epidermal layer of the skin. The procedure provides the effect of having a shaven head – and a neat one at that.
Micropigmentation is not the same as tattooing. The techniques, equipment, and expertise involved in scalp micropigmentation are far more advanced than in ordinary tattooing.

What does scalp micropigmentation procedure involve?
The scalp micropigmentation procedure takes about 2–3 sessions to complete. Each session may last about 3–5 hours depending on the style chosen and type of treatment. A pre-procedure session involves a sit-down with the patient and understanding the nature of their complaint. Then, there is a thorough discussion about the style, color, type of treatment, and other details.
The main session involves the actual inking followed by a couple more sessions to complete the desired look. After the procedure, patients are given instructions to properly care for their scalp.
The procedure, if done at a top scalp micropigmentation clinic such as Scalp Allure, does not require any further care for the next couple of years. After that, patients may come back for touch-ups, which is totally normal.

Who should opt for scalp micropigmentation?
Scalp micropigmentation is best suited for those suffering from autoimmune conditions such as alopecia, hair loss due to chemotherapy, botched hair treatments, scarring, thinning hair, old age, to cover bald patches, and much more. If you have any of these complaints, then scalp micropigmentation is the best solution for you.
A tried and tested solution with a high success rate
One of the best scalp micropigmentation clinics in the USA is Scalp Allure, Maryland. We offer numerous treatments to tackle stubborn and untreatable conditions such as alopecia, scarring, pattern baldness, and other hair loss problems. With over 5,000 procedures and a success rate of about 99 percent, Scalp Allure has become a benchmark in the sector.
If you are troubled by chunks of hair falling off or are worried about going bald, then consult our experts at Scalp Allure. We’ll be happy to meet you and provide a permanent solution for your hair woes.