Is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) The Best Cure for Baldness?

Scalp micropigmentation is a futuristic procedure that has transformed the lives of many people suffering from baldness. But is it really the best treatment for baldness? Or is it the ultimate cure for baldness?
According to statistics, about 35 million men and 21 million women across the world suffer from hair loss. Hair loss is a devastating condition that negatively affects your self-worth and confidence. People have been known to go into depression due to hair loss.
There are many reasons why people lose hair. On an average, you lose about 50–100 hairs every day. Severe hair loss is when you start losing hair in patches or large chunks that has a deeper cause. Some of these causes include scarring of the scalp due to injury, a botched hair transplant procedure, chemotherapy, burns, or autoimmune diseases such as alopecia.
So, how can you avoid going bald or at least cover up balding due to continuous hair loss?
The answer is scalp micropigmentation or SMP.
Scalp micropigmentation is a simple procedure that enables you to mimic having a buzz cut or crew cut. Basically, your scalp appears to have minute hair follicles, which are actually impressions created by the micropigmentation procedure.
Ideal for both men and women, scalp micropigmentation helps thicken the scalp, adds definition to a receding or balding hairline, and also corrects baldness due to physical injury.
People who have undergone scalp micropigmentation are amazed at how natural and undetectable the “hairs” look. It’s as though they never ever had a bald spot. Micropigmentation achieves this by creating micro incisions in the scalp and injecting a pigment into it. Once the pigment is deposited in or “tattooed” onto the scalp, it appears as a hair follicle. Each incision is carefully implanted over a period of 3–5 hours depending on the extent of baldness and client’s requirements.

Would we call scalp micropigmentation “the best treatment for hair loss”?
The reasons for this are simple.
Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that offers instant results. There is no waiting period to see how you would look with a full head of hair. Once the procedure is complete, you can see the results for yourself, right then and there. The best advantage of scalp micropigmentation is that it is low-maintenance. You have to follow simple steps to maintain your look. And all this at a fraction of what hair transplant surgery or other treatments cost.

The best scalp micropigmentation clinic for treating baldness
Baldness does not have to be a life sentence. With procedures such as scalp micropigmentation, it can be treated and thus free you from a lifetime of low self-esteem.
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