4 Reasons Black and white by DY Hair Tattoo Artists are the Best

Because at Scalp Allure, we only take in the best.

Here are 4 reasons our hair tattoo artists or as we call them, micropigmentation specialists, are the best.

They are well-trained: All our specialists are highly-trained in scalp micropigmentation and micro-needling techniques. Some of them are even trained under Daniel himself. We do a thorough background check and validate their qualifications before they start their training with us.
They are dedicated to the craft: Not everyone who knows tattooing becomes a specialist with us. Our specialists are those who truly embrace the craft and want to make a mark (pun intended) in the field. They want to test their skills and always strive to do a good job, which they do.
They do quality work: If you look through our portfolio, you will see the handiwork of many of our specialists. You can see their precision and attention-to-detail that makes their work look realistic. Our client reviews are proof of this high-quality.
They care about their clients: Our specialists don’t skim through clients and hurry up to finish a job. They actually sit down with each and every one of their clients, listen to their requirements, prepare a plan, show them the end result, and take their consent before proceeding further. They build a solid relationship with their clients. This ensures their clients have complete faith in them and know that they’ve made the right decision by choosing Scalp Allure.
Our specialists make us one of the best clinics for scalp micropigmentation in the USA. Check out our different procedures and book your slot for a free consultation today.