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The Black and white by DY technique is a highly advanced form of scalp micropigmentation procedure, not only covering scars, but giving the illusion of a fuller head of hair either by adding density to longer hair, or recreating the look of hair being shaved.
73% of clients are men who have suffered from hair transplants and want an alternative option other than wearing a wig or using concealers. Hair transplant doctors recommend clients to Black and white by DY, for full head baldness treatments as well as for scar camouflage and density additions.
The bottom line is that scalp micropigmentation is perfect for the effective concealment of FUT (strip) scars, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) scars, scalp reduction scars and historic plug and cobblestone scars from old-fashioned hair restoration procedures.
The great hair transplant rush of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s enticed millions of men to rush to their nearest surgical clinic. In many cases, all they have to show for it now are permanent scars, low self-esteem, and a lighter bank account. If you’ve suffered in silence for a long time and want to recapture the confidence you felt before losing your hair and before you gained those scars, let us help you.



1. Free Consultation

2. Virtual Hair Mock Up

3. First Hairline Fill

4. Second Filling & Texture

5. Final Hairline Fill

6. Result

Scalp Micropigmentation works well for both men and women of any ethnicity. At Black and white by DY every procedure is thoroughly tailored. Our Micropigmentation practitioners determine the appropriate pigment and technique that works best for each specific case. The average scalp needs roughly 2,000 microdots per square inch. The pain level is approximate to getting a tattoo; however, 90% of clients reports minimum to no discomfort during the procedure. Black and white by DY wants to make sure that you have an enjoyable experience.

73% of Black and white by DY clients have had hair transplant surgery at some point.

Think about that for a moment. We treat hundreds of clients every single month. Why do so many have hair transplant scars that they’re unhappy with?

Most hair transplants don’t work because lack of hair in donor area and the lack of hair on top to start. This leaves many people with a stark choice – continue having multiple hair restoration procedures in a losing battle to cover the scars, or have scalp micropigmentation.

Some of our clients have had as many as 15 hair transplants, either FUE or strip scar surgery, and come to Black and white by DY in a state of desperation. They are left with severe scarring, plug holes on top of their head and feeling totally insecure. Our procedure pairs perfectly with a hair transplant combination.



We are so happy that we have been the final answer those who are suffering from kind of this scarring. We have been able to give them a new lease on life and stop hiding what has happened to them.
Our Black and white by DY Technique, widely referred to as an advanced form of Scalp Micropigmentation, has an excellent track record in camouflaging scars, but it does have a lot to do with the color and texture of the scar and the clients desired outcome.
The two options men and women have is that they can either keep the hair long and we can go under the hair and camouflage the scar making it unnoticeable when wet when hair is in movement. The other options are shaving the hair down, which we always recommend and we will blend it into the follicle, totally camouflaging the scar. This treatment takes between 2-3 sessions to complete and have a totally satisfying look.



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