Black and white by DY – Micropigmentation

A problem called Hair loss
Hair loss and baldness are one of the common problems faced by Americans over 35 years of age. The bad part is, such a condition can dent confidence and affect the well being of an individual. Hair thinning can affect men, women, guys in their youth – I mean anyone. A few years back the treatment of such conditions was less and was known as risky procedures. However, things have changed in the last couple of years or so and treatments like Micro pigmentation has gained popularity with more and more people accepting the usefulness of its implementation.
Micro Hair Pigmentation – The start of a cure
Tricopigmentation popularly known as Micro hair pigmentation is a non-surgical treatment which uses the latest technology(and of course skills) to create the effect of a full head of hair follicles. It looks more like a week old shaved head. This treatment is more of tattooing biodegradable ink which does no damage to existing hair follicles. Simply we put it as an ideal way to transform a bald head into that perfect shaven look. The best part is such a look is accepted by the generation as a style statement.

It sounds painful and complicated though!
Well, it does but Scalp Allure experts use anesthetic ointment which makes the treatment painless which does not leave scars and produces virtually immediate results. The pigments are placed less deep which ensures no damage being done to existing hair follicles. A Tricopigmentation treatment is done to increase density(in looks) for those with signs of hair thinning. Such a treatment reduces the contrast between skin and hair color resulting in an optical illusion of more hair density. The pigments used at scalp allure clinics are non-allergic and does not have any color fading issues.

Is Tricopigmentation Temporary?
Let’s put it this way, this treatment usually lasts more than 1-2 years post which a touch-up treatment can be done to refresh the colors. Again we will like to stress that the ink used is biodegradable and not those used in permanent tattoos. Such painless sessions can be recommended for those looking for a perfect shaven look or maybe for someone who is too young for a hair treatment.

Solution is just a Click Away
The reasons can be many but as per statistics 40% of men aged 35 or more suffer from different hair loss problems. The rate is also alarming at 80% for women clocking 60 or more. At, Scalp Allure we have a very high customer satisfaction rate with close to 99% absolutely happy customers. That is a whopping result and our experts are looking to better that with each treatment.