Black and white by DY – Alopecia

Alopecia or baldness refers to the loss of hair from the scalp. The severity of hair loss can vary from minimal to an extreme stage which causes baldness. The most common types of alopecia include male-pattern hair loss, female-pattern hair loss, hair thinning, etc. The causes can be many from hygienic to psychological in some cases. More importantly, Alopecia areata treatment needs to start in the early stages for best results.

Symptoms and Causes
Symptoms of alopecia include hair loss in patches usually in different patterns, skin lesions, dandruff, and scarring. In the majority of cases, hair fall happens in lesser patches around the size of a quarter. However, in most cases, the hair loss can happen in a few patches, although in some cases the condition was found to be more extreme. Such condition can affect anybody irrespective of age and gender, although maximum cases occur around the age of 30.

Quick facts on Alopecia Areata
Let’s look at some key points about alopecia areata and its effects:

In most cases, Alopecia areata develops rapidly, over the course of just a few days or weeks.
People with the condition who have only experienced hair loss in patches may see a full recovery, without the need for treatment.
However, in most cases with proper treatment and diet, hair loss can be controlled.
There is a good chance that someone with Alopecia areata also has a family member who has experienced the condition.
There is little or no scientific evidence that proves that alopecia areata is caused by stress.
Now the difficult one – There is no cure for alopecia areata.
The better part – the condition can be controlled and improved with expert treatment.
Prevention is better when there’s no cure
First of all, we need to understand that it’s normal to lose to shed 50-100 strands of hair every day. Such normal hair loss cannot be considered as alopecia. Like we mentioned before, that, there is no cure for alopecia, however, expert clinics like Scalp Allure can help prevent such crisis to a large extent. Medical science is improving every day and hair experts like Daniel Yerenburg, who has years of experience behind him should be consulted for any hair related problems.

How Scalp Allure help treat Alopecia Areata?
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