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Scalp Micropigmentation training class will open a new career path and is highly rewarding both financially and personally. The satisfaction of a client is a wonderful added benefit. Black and white by DY’s training experts will teach you how to tailor the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure to each of your future clients to help them achieve their very best appearance.

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Our training is of the highest quality available and offered at a very affordable price.

At Black and white by DY we believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to succeed and we offer a wide range of courses to achieve endless career opportunities.

On completion of your chosen training program you will have a recognized qualification that can be used worldwide.

Black and white by DY offers safe, effective and proven training, reaching the highest levels of patient and student care while delivering outstanding results.

We specialize in Scalp Micropigmentation training.

Our friendly Black and white by DY training Artists are always available to help you make the best choice and assist you on your journey to becoming a successful person.

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At Black and white by DY, yours as a future SMP technician will be able to combine your artistic talent with the advanced training and experience to become a true professional in the fast growing SMP industry. As a Scalp Micropigmentation Technician, you can help men and women boost their confidence and self esteem while recreating their youthful look. You can be a part of this highly rewarding industry and learn a successful career. There is no better way to become the best, than by learning from the best. You are moments away from changing your life. It takes knowledge, resources, a support-system and the tools in order to become a decent competitor in the SMP industry. Make your First Step Today! Inquire more information on our training program and let you SMP journey begin! Our training can be tailored to your needs and your level of SMP knowledge.

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SMP Fundamental as well as Advanced classes are available. Complete training packages include custom training kit. Please submit our inquire form in order to receive more information on the training you’re interested in.
Black and white by DY offers unique skill set and training approaches during our hands-on training. Instructions are provided by our Master Trainers, who will get you to where you want to be. What can possibly be better than loving what you do and helping others feel better about themselves?
Remember that skills are not mastered overnight, it requires your dedication and determination with the help our Black and white by DY’s ongoing trainee support. It’s never been a better time to invest into yourself and secure your future. P.S. addition to Repairing Bad Procedures. Dealing with hair loss is very stressful, and the last thing you need is to completely lose your confidence due to an SMP procedure that has gone bad. SMP is similar to head tattooing, but it is not the same. Scalp Micropigmentation has nothing to do with permanent makeup or regular tattooing. To get it right, you have to use special inks of the highest quality, as well as state of the art equipment.

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