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Daniel Yerenburg

Hi, my name is Dani, I am the CEO and owner of Black and white by DY. It is my real passion to put smiles on people’s faces by restoring their confidence.
I have executed numerous beautiful procedures on men and women dealing with a variety of hair loss and have been ranked within the top five in the world. I have many certifications and have received several awards for best procedures in the past nine years.
Black and white by DY has grown into a well-known and highly reputable micropigmentation
center. We are constantly educating our team and upgrading technologies. At Black and white by DY we use unique SMP techniques in order to achieve the most natural looking results.
Our passion and expertise help us create the best looking SMP procedures for our clients on a daily basis. 


Black and white by DY

Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent cosmetic procedure that uses specially designed needles and pigments to mimic hair follicles. This procedure is very close to me as I, like many others, had ones struggled with hairloss. I began losing my hair at the age of 17. I have tried anything and everything from comb overs, to painting my scalp, then I discovered Hair Club. At the time I thought it was the solution to my problem. I stayed with Hair Club for about 3 years, but I don’t
know what was worse being bald or wearing a wig on my head. After all this I just decided to keep my head shaved. At this stage of my hair loss, I had a complete horseshoe and the whole top was completely bald (Norwood 7). I have tried every solution possible and was always let down. I remember sitting in front of the computer and discovering Micropigmentation.
Luckily, I came across scalp micropigmentation procedure and went along with it. Soon after, I became educated in SMP and Black and white by DY was born.
From there, I didn’t look back and now I take pride in providing advanced hair solutions like Scalp Micropigmentation in and around DMV.


Promise to You!

“I can relate to your hair loss worries not only as an artist but as a client as well. I KNOW what hair loss feels like and I know how it feels to gain your image and confidence along with it back. That is why I take each and every case personally with utmost passion. Every procedure gets customized to your own look. I understand how much this procedure means to you and I can ensure you will be thrilled with the results. I will walk you through the entire process with a detailed explanation of all the proper pre and post steps which will lead us to a perfect result. I GUARANTEE that by choosing Black and white by DY you have put yourself in a safe position and in the reliable hands of a world-class artist! My reputation walks out of Black and white by DY clinic every day!”

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